Whourght Iron

Decorating with fabric like curtain is an affordable luxury and adds a certain elegance on our house. Curtains come in a variety or fabrics and styles including linen, sheer fabric, heavy fabrics and tapestries and it can match almost any room, regardless of changes you make to the wall colors or decor. It keep the rooms warmer in winter and cooler in summer, gives them perfect pleats with a contemporary streamlined look and they are easy to remove and refit from the pole for decorating or cleaning.

Choosing curtains can be quite hard, as there are so many influencing factors to consider. You may need to decide on fabrics and curtain rods you are going to use to have that fascinating look. Curtain rods are the most crucial items for hanging curtains. So you have to select the ones that will perfectly suit the window and doorframes. There are varieties of curtain rods available in several designs like wrought iron, wooden, garden decor, crystal, glass, ceramic, copper, brass with adjustable telescopic rods and competed with brackets and rings. The amazing styles and attractive shapes of the rods help you to match the decoration of your fabric hardware and treatment which is used in door frames and windows. It’s a no-fuss option and it’s ideal if you have metal doors or window frames, as you can put it up it without interfering with the installation.


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