Nouveau Riche

Rags to riches? Isn't it a fairytale story of a person's success in life? Well, it might be too difficult to believe but a lot of aspiring billionaires entrepreneurs are making their names lately in the society. Some of them are really born with gold spoons but some move up because of their efforts and wit. These aspiring billionaires entrepreneurs of our times are what we called Nouveau Riche.

If you are curious who are named as Nouveau Riche in this generation, click HERE. But are you wondering where the word "Nouveau Riche" originated? Well, to those who doesn't know yet. Nouveau Riche is a French word which means "new rich". These words describes how a person alleviate his status from the lower socioeconomic rank in the society to a wealthy and powerful person of not only in his people but all throughout the world.

Learn how these so-called Nouveau Riche apply their great entrepreneurial skills to their businesses and eventually hit the peak of their success. I know some of them are kings of a certain country but remember they all manage their businesses which of they don't know how to run them, then failure is also possible.

Take some time of your life, read and learn on how these Nouveau Riche manages their wealth and what are their struggles to the top.

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